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Fall Weather Driving in North Georgia

On September 23, there was much rejoicing as the Fall season officially started. A favorite season for many people, Fall means Halloween is just around the corner and Thanksgiving isn’t too far off. Beautiful scenery, particularly in North Georgia, and cooling temperatures means camping and vacationing in the North Georgia Mountains.

Fall also means school is in session; hurricane season is in full force. The days are getting shorter resulting in driving in the dark more often.

Here are a few of the dangers of fall that you need to watch out for:

broken windshield on a small carFalling Limbs

Weather changes like more rain and the natural processes of nature often result in a greater likelihood for falling limbs. Falling tree limbs isn’t an issue IF those trees aren’t overhanging your driveway. Unfortunately, we’ve seen a lot of broken back glass (back windows) and broken windshields because of falling tree limbs.

You can prevent the likelihood of damage by surveying the trees surrounding your driveway for dead limbs; if you need help, consult an arborist. We recommend surveying your trees every 2 years at lest.

Dangerous Driving Conditions

Driving in the dark adds extra danger to your Atlanta area commute. Driving in the rain is even worse. The increase in dangerous conditions means a greater likelihood for car accidents.

Remember to be careful when driving in adverse conditions. The speed limit is the safe speed to drive when everything is perfect; when it’s dark, raining, and/or foggy, reduce your speed.

Deer aren’t dear to your car.

As winter comes, deer are going to be seen more often, usually around dusk when driving conditions start to deteriorate. When you’re driving through forested areas, slow down and watch the road. The last thing you want to happen is a deer dart in front of you, causing a crash. Deer accidents can break windshields and cause greater damage depending on your reaction.

Slow Down & Be Safe

Our job is to replace or repair broken glass in your car; but we’d rather not have to do it. Drive carefully and be alert. And if you need us, we’re only a call away. We’ll make it easy on you by coming out to your location to replace or repair your auto glass.

Dangerous Road Conditions Increase Risk of Accidents

Before you head out this morning, check the road conditions and weather forecast. You never know when it could save your life.

We all know that speed limits are posted for a reason – to give guidance to us about what the safest speed is for us to travel on that road. The speed limits take into account the road conditions (ie. the state of the pavement and how curvy the road is), the type of traffic seen on the road (ie. highway versus high pedestrian area), and various other factors. However, there are two things you need to really know about speed limits.

The speed limit assumes that the weather conditions are good (not raining or snowing, etc) and that it is fully lit outside. This is something everyone learned in the basic Drivers Safety courses. If the weather conditions are poor or if lighting is poor, it is your responsibility to adjust your speed accordingly. What happens when you don’t?

On September 29th, 2014, a 18 year old boy was killed when the car he was riding in crashed. Two other passengers were taken to local hospitals for treatment and the driver was arrested. The reason for the crash? The Georgia State Patrol officials say that the driver was going too fast for conditions, lost control of his vehicle, and the vehicle crashed [source].

So, before you head out on the road, whether it’s before work in the morning or after dinner with friends, check the weather and be mindful of the road conditions and speed limits. There are worse things than getting a ticket.

When Are Teen Drivers Most At Risk?

Teen drivers are more accident prone than other age demographics. They are at the most risk for accidents April through July with prom, graduation and summer celebrations. While the most obvious reason is their lack of driving experience, underage drinking is a major player.

AAA did a survey of young drivers and the results were disturbing…

84 percent of young drivers admitted, they would rather drive drunk, or get in the car with a friend who’s been drinking, rather than call mom or dad. It’s a sobering stat, which has AAA “promising” to step in. [source]

This study is sobering when you think about the numbers. No one wants to bury their child, their friend, their student because of a DUI. Thankfully, organizations like AAA are teaming up with local schools to encourage young drivers to sign the “AAA PROMise.”

I promise not to drink alcohol, or to do drugs.

I promise not to drive intoxicated.

I promise not to let my friends drive intoxicated.

I promise my parents I will get home safely on Prom Night.

What can you do to help? Talk about it. If a teen goes into a situation with a game plan as to how to deal with a scenario – like needing to get home but being intoxicated – they are more likely to have a better outcome.