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Repairing Windshield Cracks

Windshield cracks be a pain. Damaged windshields can also be a severe safety issue. Some drivers make an effort to drive as long as they can before they purchase windshield repair.

The experts at H-A Mobile Auto Glass are here to assist. Our goal is always to keep drivers safe, so continue reading for windshield crack safety tips.

How long can I drive having a crack on my windshield?

The best choice is always to fix it immediately. Even a small rock chip with your auto glass will start to grow while you continue driving. Worse, if debris, heavy rain or something similar hits the crack on your windshield, it could possibly break into a larger crack or shatter completely.

This is an extremely scary situation for almost every driver. Consider the following:

How severe is the crack on your windshield?

A minor chip is not a serious risk. You could probably drive for a long time without having problems. However, a big crack similar to a spider web needs to be fixed immediately.

Where is the crack on your windshield?

If the crack blocks the view from the driver’s seat, you shouldn’t drive until it’s fixed. Mobile windshield crack repair professionals exist especially for this reason. Just contact them up to make your windshield as good as new in just a few hours!

What is the cost of windshield crack repair?

This is the reason a lot of drivers will ignore cracks to start with. However, auto glass services are similar to any other automotive service. The longer you put it off, the greater it will set you back over time. Getting a small crack fixed will most definitely cost you less than a full windshield replacement.

The windshield crack repair professionals at H-A Mobile Auto Glass specialize in proving prompt, professional service. Let us know if you have specific windshield repair or replacement questions!

Keep Your Windshield from Freezing

With the winter months coming quickly, we’ll all have to deal with freezing windshields, windows, and door handles. This is annoying to scrape off and wastes time in your busy schedule. There are multiple methods of dealing with a frozen windshield, but some can cause damage to the glass. Here are some examples of things NOT to do:

  1. Pouring hot water over the ice: the rapid change in temperature can cause the auto glass to crack or shatter.
  2. Tapping the ice to break it up: you need to be extra careful otherwise you could create a hole into your windshield.
  3. Using a metal scraper: using anything metal to scrape off the ice can make scratches into your glass.

The best methods are preventative rather than treatment. If you prepare your vehicle the night before the ice comes, you’ll save yourself a headache. Here are some preventative examples:

  1. Vinegar/Water mixture: use a mixture of 1/3 vinegar and 2/3 water and spray your windshield, windows, and door handles. Some would say that this causes pits in the glass, but there is no definitive evidence of this. Vinegar is even stored in glass bottles!
  2. Rubbing onion on windshield: this might sound strange, but take a half of an onion and rub it against the windshield of your vehicle.
  3. Parking inside: the easiest method is simply keep your vehicle from the elements. Park your vehicle inside your garage and close any windows that lead to the outside.

If you are unable to prevent any ice from forming on your windshields and forced to remove it, here are some examples of things that won’t cause damage to your vehicle:

  1. Pouring cold water over the ice: the cold water is still above 32°F/0°C and will melt away the ice, but isn’t so extreme that it will crack your windshield.
  2. Using a plastic scraper: the plastic will not make scratches into your auto glass. Also a plastic bristle brush helps out.
  3. Defroster: simply turn on your car a few minutes earlier than you normally do to get your car warmed up. It only takes about 5-10 minutes.

If you ever have a crack or damage to your windshield or windows, give H-A Mobile Auto Glass a call and we’ll come to you and repair or replace what is needed. Our service teams are professional and quick! Call 404-610-1366 today! H-A Mobile Auto Glass services the Atlanta area including Lawrenceville, Norcross, Lilburn, and Snellville.



When to Repair Your Windshields

Don’t allow that annoying chip remain and disrupt your clear visual of the road ahead. Auto glass repair can be an inexpensive option compared to replacement that could stop chips and cracks from spreading and compromising the security of your vehicle as well as occupants.

How is a windshield repaired?

Your windshield is made up of an inner layer of plastic sandwiched between two layers of glass. When repairing a windshield in order to avoid chips and cracks from worsening, H-A specialists remove debris in the impact area, sometimes by using a drill to make a clean passageway for the repair resin. A special resin is injected in the damaged area utilizing a tool that attaches on the surface of the glass. After the resin is injected, the resin is cured to bring back the strength of the windshield and polished to a clear finish.

Why repair rather than replace?

  • It’s convenient

H-A Mobile Auto Glass specialists typically repair your windshield in the hour, getting you back to traveling.

  • It’s inexpensive

Repairing the windshield is more economical than replacing the entire windshield.

  • For insurance advantages

Because from the economic benefits of repair vs. replacement, many insurance agencies will waive your deductible and pay for the windshield repair.

  • It’s safe

Repairing your windshield keeps the initial factory equipment intact.

  • It’s environmentally responsible

Repairing your windshield keeps your old glass away from a landfill, where it is going to stay forever.

How do I determine if my vehicle is a candidate for windshield repair?

  • Size and severity

These top two factors often determine your candidacy for windshield repair. Quarter-size rock chips and cracks approximately six inches long are likely candidates.

  • Location

Cracks at the edges of the windshield can rapidly spread and typically require replacement. In addition, chips directly within your line of vision may compromise how well you see in emergency situations.

  • Timespan

The faster you address chips and small cracks, the more likely you should be able to avoid replacing your windshield. When you wait a long time, dirt can get in the damaged area and compromise both effectiveness and clarity with the repair. Cracks could also expand as time passes and weather, creating the need for replacement.

Most common kinds of chips

  • Stars

These cracks involve some short cracks radiating through the impact point, resembling a star.

  • Chips

As the name suggests, these chips could be caused by vandals with BB guns and slingshots, but may also be due to gravel as well as other objects that can cause small chips inside the glass.

  • Bull’s-eyes

Usually due to rocks as well as other small circular objects, bull’s-eyes are bigger than chips and damage is circular, typically having a cone taken out from the outer layer.

  • Combination cracks

These cracks radiate through the point of impact like spokes of a wheel. Unlike the other common chips described above which are considered simple to repair, combination cracks are more difficult to repair in most instances. However, because these are more difficult, they will most likely require a complete windshield replacement depending on the size.