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Why you should not follow too closely to construction vehicles

“Stay Back 500ft” – a sign on the back of many large trucks and commercial vehicles that we often ignore, particularly during rush hour in Atlanta. Why stay 500ft back? Residents of Texas are finding out why:

[…] the surge in truck traffic has torn up rural roads and created safety challenges, including the increasingly common occurrence of large trucks sending rocks or debris flying at the vehicles behind them. For some frustrated local residents and transit providers, windshield replacement has emerged as a hidden cost of the drilling boom. [Read More]

Anywhere road work is taking place or near construction, you need to be aware that large vehicles can send rocks and debris flying back toward you, resulting in damage to your windshield.

How to avoid needing windshield replacement because of road debris in Atlanta:

Pay attention to road conditions. If you are on rural roads or in an area with road construction or any construction, there is a higher likelihood of road debris.

Stay 500ft back from commercial vehicles – particularly dump trucks. And pay attention to any vehicles that are transporting items, whether it’s a commercial vehicle or a pickup truck. Keeping a safe distance will help prevent or reduce the damage caused by items falling onto the road.

If your windshield is chipped or cracked, get it repaired or replaced AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. A little crack in your windshield could result in a much bigger issue if more road debris impacts your windshield or if you get into an accident.

following trucks carrying rocks and debris can necessitate windshield replacement in Atlanta


H-A Mobile Auto Glass is an auto glass replacement company operating in the Atlanta Metro Area.

Top 5 Questions about Auto Glass Replacement in Atlanta

Top 5 Questions about Auto Glass Replacement in Atlanta

Last week, we were asked to do an interview about the top questions we are asked about auto glass repair and replacement. While we didn’t have time to record an interview in person, we were able to submit the top 5 questions we most often hear and our answers. Below is the video and video transcript.

Top 5 Questions Answered

Video Transcript


Today, we’re gonna go over the top five questions about auto glass replacement in Atlanta. These questions were provided by and answered by Jesse Torres from H and A Mobile Auto Glass one of the top auto glass replacement companies here in Atlanta

How does mobile auto glass service differ from in shop glass service?

Well, for your convenience […], the difference between mobile auto glass replacement in shop auto glass replacement is [that] we have a mobile auto glass service where we come directly you wherever you are our service vans are fully equipped with the tools and equipment necessary to complete any other glass replacement service in because we maintain a low overhead cost were able to pass that savings onto you with our affordable competitive pricing we provide the service of convenience but coming directly to you as well as maintaining at low overhead and passing the savings.

How long does mobile auto glass replacement take?

Well, once we arrive are techs quickly enough patiently replace or repair any automotive glass within a 30 to 16 minute window windshields take about an hour to replace in some windshields take a little bit longer depending on the features the windshield.

Will I have to wait with my vehicle?

No you do not have to wait there while you’re working on your vehicle, but many people do like to watch as we work and as replace your damaged autoglass. It’s interesting to some but it’s not required.

How long will it be before I can drive safely again?

You’ll need to wait a good 30 minutes once we replace your windshield or back glass before you can drive safely.

What is the difference between OEM and OEE auto glass?

OEM stands for original equipment manufacture which meets manufacturer guidelines for thickness color in shape. OEE glass stands for equipment equivalent. Auto glass manufacturer companies are not legally allowed to create auto glass of identical thickness, color or shape as OEM.

How to pick an auto glass replacement service in Atlanta?

Well the number one way to pick an auto glass replacement company is based on the reviews. When searching for an auto glass replacement company in Atlanta, pay attention to the links to Google reviews, Yelp reviews, kudzu and a few others. And you’ll quickly be able to decide which company you should hire for your needs and make sure you get a company with a great reputation.

Once again, this Q&A has been provided by H&A Auto Glass here in Atlanta. If you have any questions or need help please feel free to call them at 404-610-1366.